Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council-PSCPak

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Our Objectives!

PPSC shall work for:

  • Respect for the right of the peoples to sovereignty and independence, essential for the establishment of peace
  • Respect of the territorial integrity of states
  • Non-interference in the internal affairs of nations
  • Establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation and cultural relations based on friendship and mutual respect
  • Negotiations instead of use of force in the settlement of differences between nations.
  • To make the individuals aware of peace education Programme and train them to organize the activities of the project in their area.
  • To motivate the individuals to play their active roll to promote peace and philosophy of non – violence in the society.
  • To highlight the importance of peace in the society and to encourage the school children to take part in curriculum activities.
To initiate, mobilize and promote better understanding among the masses of different countries.
  • To initiate cultural exchanges by engaging artists, youths, students for better understanding of different societies and cultures.
  • Identifying the root causes of disharmony and mobilizing masses for tolerance by   weeding out biases either in the policies, laws or provisions in the constitution.  
  • Publish different materials, hold trainings, Seminars, interactive theaters, exchange and art competitions, exhibition on peace issue.
  • Linking up peace activities in the region and globally.
  • To build strong movements to oppose war are aggression,
  • To support and promote the spirit of Non Aligned Movement (NAM) and develop good relationship with neighboring countries.
  • To build strong solidarity movements with people fighting against imperialist forces
  • To strengthen democracy and secular thoughts and practices.
  •  Capacity building of the communities and other organizations for good Governance.
  •  Relief and Rehabilitation of the marginalized segments of the community especially poor, women, children.


The PPSC believes that the solution of global security problems is possible by enlarging the popular movement and raising the level of public awareness.

  • The PPSC initiates and cooperates in actions to eliminate dangerous weapons, and to reduce conventional arms. It launches new campaigns for the solution of global problems and increased militarization.
  • It also acts in particular for the dissolution of military blocks and pacts; the dismantling of all military bases and the withdrawal of foreign troops; for social and economic development, the establishment of a new international economic order, a just solution of the problem of foreign dept; for the recognition of every nation’s freedom of choice; for the establishment of a new international information and communication order; in support of the liberation movements; for the settlement of regional conflicts on the basis of respect for the rights of the peoples to self-determination.