Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council-PSCPak

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Structure of Peace Pakistan


General Body shall exist at all level i.e.
    1. For National Level it shall be National Council,
    2. At Provincial Level the Provincial Council,
    3. At District/Agency Level the District/ Agency Council,
    4. And at Town/ Village level the Town/Village Council.
    5. The minimum number of the general body shall be 12 members.


Executive Body/ Board shall exist at all level offices i.e.
    1. National,
    2. Provincial,
    3. District/ Agency,
    4. Town/ Village level.
    5. The minimum number of the executive body members shall be seven and maximum eleven members.


Special Thematic Committees/ Councils, these committee shall be formed at all levels when needed, i.e. National, Provincial, District/ Agency, Town/Village level for Elders Councils, Youth For Peace, Youth Front, Women Council, Cultural Committee and Friendship Committee etc