Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council-PSCPak

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Who We Are!

The PPSC is an open, democratic, independent, and non-aligned working for mass action. It is an integral part of the peace movement and acts in cooperation with other organizations and individuals. The PPSC is a broad based organization which, on the national level, chooses to combine their diverse activities for the achievement of a common goal: the creation and strengthening of a secure and just peace for all the peoples of Pakistan and the entire world. The PPSC is an open and democratic forum for dialogue, cooperation, interaction and mutual assistance among sovereign and independent peace, disarmament, solidarity, humanitarian, ecological, scientific, cultural, religious, labour and other movements and organization, as well as individuals, without any discrimination on ideological, gender, political or other grounds.


The PPSC should consistently adhere to the main principles and objectives laid down, are inspired by the UN charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other human rights and peace treaties.


The PPSC cooperates with the bodies working for peace at different levels. Activities of the PPSC are based upon the involvement and contribution of movements and organizations represented in it, which are autonomous and independent entities. The PPSC is a genuine movement of international solidarity and mutual support. Public opinion is of key importance in PPSC efforts for the achievements of all its principles and objectives. In its activities and structures the PPSC pursues the goal of equal participation of men and women. Its structure conforms to the changing realities; it varies in accordance with different countries and regions.